Across the pond, a New York woman has failed in her attempts to sue her 12-year-old nephew over a birthday hug that left her with a broken wrist.

Jennifer Connell claimed her nephew, Sean Tarala, had acted negligently when his excitable greeting caused her to fall and break her wrist in 2011.

Connell testified: 'All of a sudden, he was there in the air, I had to catch him and we tumbled onto the ground. I remember him shouting, "Auntie Jen, I love you!" and there he was flying at me.'

The aunt sought $127,000 in damages from the boy, whose mother died last year, telling the court that she had found it 'difficult to hold my hors d'oeuvre plate' at a recent party.

A jury reportedly took just 25 minutes to come to their decision, according ...

Jean Yves


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