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Arcus Infrastructure acquires majority stake in EINHUNDERT

Arcus Infrastructure acquires majority stake in EINHUNDERT


Noerr guides Arcus in acquisition of majority stake in EINHUNDERT Group

In a significant move, Arcus Infrastructure, a prominent European infrastructure investor, has acquired a majority stake in the EINHUNDERT group of companies. The transaction was expertly guided by the legal team at Noerr, led by private equity partner Christoph Thiermann.

The acquisition, facilitated through the Arcus European Infrastructure Fund 3 and its portfolio company Officium GmbH, marks a strategic investment in Cologne-based EINHUNDERT. This group includes EINHUNDERT Energie GmbH and its photovoltaic (PV) financing entities, positioning itself as a key player in scalable tenant and heating energy solutions.

EINHUNDERT specializes in supporting real estate companies and energy service providers in their journey towards decarbonisation. By addressing the entire building portfolio, the company plays a vital role in advancing sustainable energy practices.

Arcus is set to acquire the shares held by EINHUNDERT's venture capital and angel investors, who have been instrumental in financing the group. Notable investors in EINHUNDERT include Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund, EWE, NRW.BANK, Übermorgen Ventures, and kopa ventures (formerly Wi Venture).

Noerr's advisory team, led by Christoph Thiermann, included experts from various legal domains. Aleksandra Vujinovic and Christian Haagen were crucial in the private equity and M&A aspects. Benjamin Jahn and Laura Adjan handled Employment & Pensions, while Patrick Neidinger covered Digital Business. The team also comprised Carsten Bringmann, Hendrick Schlutt, and Malte Seyffarth for Regulatory matters, Julian Monschke for Data, Tech & Telecoms, Pinar Turkac-Christmann for Banking & Finance, and Steffen Arlich for Tax & Private Clients. Real Estate aspects were managed by Jacob Mudrich and Fabienne Wendik.

This acquisition underscores Arcus Infrastructure's commitment to strategic investments in sustainable infrastructure. The collaboration with EINHUNDERT aligns with Arcus's focus on driving positive change in the energy sector.

Noerr, with its team of over 500 advisors specializing in corporate and business law, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this transaction. The firm's ability to anticipate transformative developments and provide comprehensive legal support highlights its dedication to guiding clients through complex business landscapes. With offices in ten countries and strong partnerships globally, Noerr continues to be a trusted legal partner for businesses navigating the challenges and opportunities of today's dynamic markets.