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Anna Bradley SRA chair concerned with number of firms being forced to close

Anna Bradley SRA chair concerned with number of firms being forced to close


Anna Bradley, reflecting on the January 2024 Board meeting of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), sheds light on the core theme dominating discussions: the SRA's new strategy aimed at instilling confidence and trust in legal services

The strategic focus on consumer protection took centre stage, spurred by a surge in firm closures, encompassing both large and small entities.

Consumer Protection Review: The SRA's commitment to reviewing its approach to consumer protection stems from the evolving landscape marked by a notable increase in the closure of law firms. What sets this wave apart is the amalgamation of closures affecting not only smaller entities but also larger, more prominent firms. The consumer protection review aims to strike the right balance between preventing firm failures and safeguarding consumers in the event of closures.

Challenges and Questions: Anna Bradley acknowledges the complex nature of the issue, highlighting that, at this juncture, the SRA is grappling with more questions than answers. The evolving landscape necessitates a thorough examination of the current approach to consumer protection. With uncertainties looming, the SRA seeks assistance and diverse perspectives to navigate the intricacies of this challenge.

Community Engagement and Collaboration: Recognising the need for a comprehensive understanding of the issue, the SRA is set to launch the consumer protection review next week. Following the launch, the SRA will actively seek input from a broad spectrum, both within and beyond the legal sector. This collaborative approach aims to garner a diverse range of views, enriching the discourse on how to best refine and redefine strategies to meet the dynamic demands of the legal landscape.

Looking Ahead: As the SRA delves into this critical review, the reflections from Anna Bradley underscore a commitment to transparency, adaptability, and responsiveness. The emphasis on seeking external input reflects a desire for inclusivity and a recognition that navigating the complexities of consumer protection requires a collective effort.

Conclusion: Anna Bradley's reflections on the January 2024 Board meeting provide a glimpse into the SRA's strategic focus on consumer protection and the challenges that lie ahead. The commitment to driving confidence and trust in legal services remains paramount, and the forthcoming consumer protection review marks a proactive step towards ensuring the legal sector aligns with evolving needs and expectations. As the SRA opens its doors to a diverse array of perspectives, the collaborative effort signals a dedication to fostering a resilient and consumer-centric legal landscape.

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