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Anderson Strathern strengthens presence in Northern Isles with key appointments

Anderson Strathern strengthens presence in Northern Isles with key appointments


The firm has announced the appointment of two new professionals to bolster its market share and strengthen its rural, corporate, and commercial teams in the Northern Isles and northern Scotland

Ellen Eunson joins as a legal director, bringing extensive experience in rural law, including property transactions, succession planning, agricultural leases, and renewables. Based in Orkney, Ellen's deep roots in the local community and her specialisation in agricultural law position her as a valuable asset to Anderson Strathern's presence in the Northern Isles.

Jennifer Sim, a Shetland native, joins as an associate specialising in corporate and commercial law. With a background in advising SMEs, investors, and family-run businesses, Jennifer's expertise enhances the firm's capabilities in serving clients across various sectors. Her decision to join Anderson Strathern reflects a desire to contribute to the local economy while raising her family in her hometown.

These strategic appointments, under the leadership of partner Sheila Tulloch, signify the firm's commitment to providing tailored legal services in the Northern Isles. With an eye on growth and expansion, Anderson Strathern aims to leverage the expertise of its team members to meet the evolving needs of clients in the region.

Sheila Tulloch, expressing confidence in the new hires, highlights the firm's strong network and deep connections in the Northern Isles, emphasising the potential for face-to-face client interactions and impactful legal services.

Fraser Geddes, Chair of Anderson Strathern, emphasises the strategic nature of these appointments, aligning the firm's expertise with areas of potential demand. The firm sees Orkney and Shetland as promising regions for offering comprehensive legal services, reflecting its commitment to growth and expansion.

Overall, the addition of Ellen and Jennifer underscores Anderson Strathern's dedication to providing top-tier legal services and its focus on strategic growth initiatives in key geographic areas.