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Altia and Geoff Smith Associates collaborate to enhance investigations through data accessibility

Altia and Geoff Smith Associates collaborate to enhance investigations through data accessibility


Altia and Geoff Smith Associates Limited (GSA) have forged an alliance aimed at enhancing the accessibility and efficacy of communications data in investigations

This partnership involves integrating CycComms, GSA's established communication data acquisition national cloud platform, with Altia's comprehensive suite of investigation software solutions.

Altia, supported by NorthEdge, stands as a prominent global provider of specialized intelligence and investigation software for government entities and law enforcement agencies across 18 countries, including the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. Their technology, operating from Nottingham, Glasgow, and Reading, facilitates the automation of processes for police forces and investigative teams, reducing time and financial resources spent on investigations while enhancing prosecution rates.

Geoff Smith Associates Ltd (GSA), headquartered in Leicester, is a family-owned enterprise renowned for providing law enforcement software, services, and training both in the UK and internationally. GSA's offerings encompass a wide array of solutions, including communications data intelligence, disclosure management, security vetting, firearms licensing, and operational policing activities designed specifically to cater to policing requirements.

Rob Sinclair, CEO at Altia, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential in optimizing communications data in critical investigation scenarios. Sinclair emphasized the collective capabilities that Altia and GSA could leverage, underscoring their commitment to enhancing the investigation landscape.