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Allen & Overy welcomes Gemma Barrett to Intellectual Property practice

Allen & Overy welcomes Gemma Barrett to Intellectual Property practice


Allen & Overy (A&O) has expanded its global Intellectual Property (IP) practice with the addition of Gemma Barrett, a seasoned life sciences specialist

The announcement comes as A&O finalises its merger with Shearman & Sterling, marking an exciting time for the firm's growth.

Gemma Barrett, who joins from Bristows, brings over a decade of experience advising leading life sciences and chemical companies. Her expertise lies in providing strategic guidance on patent litigation in English Courts, with a particular focus on highly technical subject matter. Gemma has a remarkable track record of coordinating cross-border litigation in Europe, India, and China, showcasing her ability to safeguard her clients' critical patents on a global scale.

David Stone, the head of A&O's global IP practice, expressed his enthusiasm about Gemma's addition, emphasising her significant contribution to the thriving Life Sciences IP practice. Stone highlights Gemma's depth of knowledge in protecting patent portfolios across international markets.

A&O's global co-head of Life Sciences, Laëtitia Bénard, echoed the excitement, noting that Gemma's arrival enhances the firm's intellectual property law expertise. Bénard emphasised Gemma's wealth of experience in life sciences patent litigation, underscoring the positive impact on the firm's ability to serve Life Sciences clients effectively.

The recent addition of Gemma Barrett and the appointment of Anna Wolters-Höhne in Germany to the life sciences patent team mark a noteworthy achievement for A&O. The global life sciences patent litigation partnership now proudly boasts 50% female partners, reflecting the firm's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

As A&O prepares to finalise its merger with Shearman & Sterling, the acquisition of top talent like Gemma Barrett positions the firm for continued success in providing innovative and strategic legal solutions to its clients in the dynamic field of intellectual property law.