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A ‘first of its kind’ toolkit to support newly qualified solicitors has been launched by independent law firm Anderson Strathern.

A ‘first of its kind’ toolkit to support newly qualified solicitors has been launched by independent law firm Anderson Strathern.


Designed to equip lawyers in the early stages of their career with a broader range of business and people skills, the toolkit will support them to deal with a variety of demands in the workplace

A combination of webinars and in-person, practical training sessions, the toolkit is the brainchild of Anderson Strathern partner Siobhan McGuigan and director Sarah Lonie.  The idea emerged via the firm’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme which encourages original thinking and nurtures future leaders within the firm at all levels.

“Completing a traineeship is a big achievement, following years of legal studies,” explains Siobhan. “But with that success comes a whole new set of challenges as they settle into careers as qualified solicitors.  Our aim with this toolkit is to help plug that gap in skills and business knowledge.”

The programme will build newly qualified solicitors’ understanding of finance, time management, delegation, profile raising and business development, as well as provide training on creating effective relationships with clients and colleagues.

“Workshop topics were selected based on feedback from Anderson Strathern’s newly qualified solicitors, addressing areas they themselves identified,” said Siobhan. “The sessions will include practical and administrative skills that are pivotal to thriving in the role, but which are rarely covered in university textbooks.

“Ultimately, we are investing in our solicitors to support their career development,” added Siobhan.  “It’s about bridging any gaps in learning that may have resulted from lockdown, helping them enjoy their careers with us and to make the most of the vast opportunities that exist for them within the firm.”

Andy Richmond, a solicitor in Anderson Strathern’s Dispute Resolution team, said: “One day you’re a trainee, working alongside your mentor, moving departments every six months and learning the ropes. Next day you are starting off your career as a newly qualified solicitor, managing client meetings, responsible for your own workload and reaching your billing targets.  This toolkit will help immensely.”

The toolkit launch comes at the end of a strong year, as the firm’s Edinburgh team prepares to move to a newly built Grade A office in Capital Square in November.