Matthew Brunsdon Tully highlights the pressing concerns surrounding the continued use of virtual family court hearings

The covid-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives, in ways that would not have been imaginable for most of us before the first lockdown.

For most lawyers, even those involved in litigation, which would ordinarily require them to attend court for hearings, working from home has become the norm, as have remote hearings.

We are all trying to work out how this will affect our working practices in the future. Are we moving towards the era of the virtual justice system – and even the virtual law firm? Or are we going to see, at some point in the hoped-for, not too distant, future, a move back to in person meetings, the court building, and to the office, and something akin to ‘business as usual’? Or is the likely ...

Matthew Brunsdon Tully
Partner, Family Law Team
Forsters Solicitors

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