Lorena Aimó and Sebastián Ferreyra Romea assess reforms to gender equality for Argentinian companies and legal challenges towards the new laws.

In August 2020, the Public Registry of Commerce of Buenos Aires (IGJ) issued Resolution 34/2020, ruling certain companies and associations in the Argentinian capital must practice gender equality within their boards of directors and statutory supervisor committees.

Official statistics show the ratio of men and women in corporate boards or supervisory bodies is 5:1. Thus, the resolution triggered significant board reorganizations for those companies that have chosen to abide by its rulings. Conversely, other entities have opted to challenge its legality.

Litigation is currently ongoing in different courts of appeals, and the constitutional aspects of the matter may require the Supreme Court’s intervention, which is the f...

Sebastian Ferreyra Romea
Ferreyra Romea Attorneys-at-law

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