Legal Profession: Solicitors

Cost of workplace conflict spirals

The annual cost to employers of workplace conflicts reached nearly £29bn just before the pandemic, according to ACAS

11 May 2021

Queen’s Speech: government mustn’t undermine justice, says Law Society

Rights are meaningless if people cannot defend or realise them, the Law Society warns

11 May 2021

SRA consults on budget, lawtech and equality plans

The SRA has vowed to research why ethnic minorities are over-represented in its enforcement processes

10 May 2021

On the wrong path: public path diversion orders

Michael Orlik considers the challenge of striking a balance between the interests of landowners and user groups

10 May 2021

Uber: what does it mean for the rest of us?

Natasha Adom and Raoul Parekh consider potential repercussions of the supreme court’s landmark decision on worker status

10 May 2021

Professional conduct and proportionality: a fine balance

Susan Humble considers the challenge faced by disciplinary boards in balancing the interests of a diverse public against those of the profession&rsquo

07 May 2021

It's good to talk: financial planning and wills

Following a recent report, Matthew Duncan reflects on how the British reserve may be impacting the probate process

07 May 2021

‘Nonsense’ immigration proposals ‘lack credibility’ and ‘muddle’ relevant law

Asylum lawyers would face extra layer of regulation under proposed changes 

07 May 2021

How diverse are trainee intakes?

The biggest catalyst for wholesale change has been and continues to be data, says Jonny Hurst

07 May 2021

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