Burning burnout: Beyond a culture of lawyer burnout

Nick Bloy considers how you can find balance and avoid burnout

02 Dec 2021

Flexible working – fit for firms?

Moira Campbell considers the complexities of flexible working for lawyers

02 Dec 2021

Italy: extending mediation proceedings of business-to-business contracts

Marco Lantelme assesses the implications of Italy’s reforms of the Alternative Dispute Resolution.

01 Dec 2021

‘What’s law got to do with it?’: Tina Turner sues tribute act

Turner's lawyers are reportedly seeking to rely on European ‘right of personality' laws

11 Nov 2021

Taxing matters: Living and investing in Portugal

Nuno Nogueira Pinto assesses the legal and tax benefits of acquiring residence in Portugal and the country’s Golden Visa

08 Nov 2021

Trials and tribulations: A career in the criminal courts

Chaynee Hodgetts interviews Nigel Lithman QC, retired Circuit Judge and author

07 Nov 2021

Pandora Papers: Waking up or sleepwalking?

Niall Hearty argues the Pandora Papers scandal is a wake-up call for European authorities

05 Nov 2021

Rights and attachment, trauma & neurodevelopment wrongs

Dr Josh Carritt-Baker contemplates human rights violations and professional negligence

05 Nov 2021

Consultant lawyers: Divided we fall?

Oliver Brice considers whether the rise in consultant law firms is destroying the foundations of partnership

05 Nov 2021

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