The metaverse: how it works and the legal implications

Yuliya Prokopyshyn examines the evolution of the metaverse, the opportunities it creates and what

19 Apr 2022

DWF-RCD opens office in Andalusia

Three new partners are joining the firm, along with a professor of law as 'of

07 Apr 2022

Loss and liberty: Ridley v Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC

Chris Atkinson examines a case where a man’s liberty turned on litigation.

01 Apr 2022

The legal CEO

Francesc Dominguez argues that a ‘legal CEO’ can drive a firm’s

29 Mar 2022

Sudan coup: implications for international law and the legal profession

Yassin Osman assesses the legal threats of Sudan’s counter-revolutionary coup in 2021 and how

14 Mar 2022

A stress test for the Serious Fraud Office?

Aziz Rahman considers what challenges the Serious Fraud Office may face in 2022 and beyond

11 Mar 2022

Is the UK still open for business?

Chetal Patel and Matthew James explore the implications of the closure of the UK investor route

07 Mar 2022

The blockchain revolution

Alastair Murray explains how blockchain can provide security and efficiency benefits for businesses.

28 Feb 2022

Multinational bankruptcy: where complexity is a feature, not a bug

Anthony DeWitt assesses the legal implications of a multinational company falling into bankruptcy,

15 Feb 2022

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