Zambia: regulatory developments on cyber security

Bwalya Chilufya-Musonda looks at how new regulations will impact businesses in Zambia

21 Aug 2022

UK GDPR: all change or no change?

Alexander Egerton provides an in-depth assessment of the UK’s reforms to GDPR

14 Jul 2022

Protection for British holidaymakers abroad

Alec Samuels considers the clash between British and other countries’ laws in the event of a

13 Jul 2022

Was the WTO right on vaccine patent waivers?

Nick Redfearn and Fabrice Mattei discuss how to compromise between improving access to vaccines

12 Jul 2022

Mauritius: Introduction of variable capital companies

Shianee Calcutteea, Sahirun Subadar and Vartika Sahai explore the benefits of variable capital

11 Jul 2022

Leigh Day defend 'campesinos' in case against British oil company Amerisur

The firm is defending Colombian farmers against the oil and gas giant

05 Jul 2022

GCC talks

The UK has started free trade agreement talks with the Gulf Cooperation Council

22 Jun 2022

Iran: the specter of a little-known genocide

Hamid Enayat explores the repercussions and impunity over a mass killing in Iran’s prisons

14 Jun 2022

Crypto scams: Don't ignore the red flags

Yuliya Prokopyshyn explores various cryptocurrency scams and how investors can remain vigilant

14 Jun 2022

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