More controversy emerges within Interpol

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey considers the potential for mis-use of Red Notices.

11 Jan 2022

The lessons of an international lawyer

Ralph Oswald Isenegger shares the lessons he has learned from managing high-profile international cases

21 Dec 2021

US: Rental Assistance Programs for Landlords and Tenants

Jeffrey Lieser explores the challenges for US attorneys in addressing tenant and landlord disputes during the covid-19 pandemic

13 Dec 2021

The past, present and uncertain future of US abortion law

Alexia Korberg, Daniella Lorenzo and Tatiana Laing assess the struggles to protect reproduction rights in the US

09 Dec 2021

How innovation can help tackle climate change

Following COP26, Neil Foster explores how innovation is needed to consolidate climate change efforts.

06 Dec 2021

A portal for SME claims – what’s that all about?

Tony Guise considers the possibility of a Portal for SME debt claims

02 Dec 2021

Stress and the city: Solicitors, stress, and your health

Judi Rhule examines the effects of stress on the legal profession

02 Dec 2021

In principle? The principles behind principles

Susan Humble sums up what you need to know on the latest in solicitors’ regulation and compliance

02 Dec 2021

Part of the fold? CILEX lawyers and ‘belonging’

Professor Chris Bones comments that the legal sector must work harder to support CILEX lawyers and those from non-traditional backgrounds

02 Dec 2021

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