Going for growth: International expansion strategies for law firms

In the first of a series of six articles on international expansion strategies for law firms,

24 Oct 2014

The Global Law Summit: Sponsors, session speakers, and ticket sales announced

The Global Law Summit: Sponsors, session speakers, and ticket sales announce

21 Oct 2014

The profound effect of the UK's Legal Services Act on North America

By Jordan Furlong, Principal, Edge Internationa

18 Sep 2014

Why regional UK law firms are better at flexible working than City firms

By Steve Ryan, Managing Partner, SA Law 

18 Sep 2014

Priti Suri: How to achieve gender diversity in Indian law firms

Priti Suri tells Manju Manglani why women need to work twice as hard as men to be successful ?in

22 Apr 2014

Game over? The global legal market in 2018

Markus Hartung and Arne Gärtner provide ?a strategic analysis of which international ?law

30 Jan 2014

Outward bound: International growth options for national firms

Andrew Hedley discusses the options available to national law firms looking to develop and

30 Jan 2014

Expansion logistics: Establishing an office abroad in 86 hours

James McKenna shares how his infrastructure and administrative systems team created a large new

29 Jan 2014

Survive or thrive? Growing profits in Scotland during the recession

Martin Darroch reveals how his Scottish commercial law firm increased profits by 70 per cent

27 Jan 2014

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