Expansion logistics: Establishing an office abroad in 86 hours

James McKenna shares how his infrastructure and administrative systems team created a large new

29 Jan 2014

Survive or thrive? Growing profits in Scotland during the recession

Martin Darroch reveals how his Scottish commercial law firm increased profits by 70 per cent

27 Jan 2014

Cyril Shroff: How he is preparing for India's legal market liberalisation

Cyril Shroff tells Manju Manglani how he is ‘scaling up’ Amarchand Mangaldas in

23 Jan 2014

Legal frontiers: Building the first pan-Baltic law firm

Aku Sorainen shares his experiences in building the first pan-Baltic law firm in the chaos that

28 Oct 2013

What the US legal market can expect in the year ahead

By Thomas Berman, Principal, Berman & Associate

26 Feb 2013

Editor's letter: Going global

Are your partners ready for your firm’s international growth strategy, asks Manju Manglan

29 Nov 2012

The final frontier: Opportunities for legal services in Africa

Rob Millard explores the opportunities for legal services in sub-Saharan Africa and which law

28 Nov 2012

Growth pains: How to manage client intake risks in foreign markets

Frank Maher discusses how to manage the potential client, criminal and financial risks of taking

26 Nov 2012

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