Legal Profession: International Insight

Crossing borders: How international law firms can thrive in emerging markets

Rob Millard explores the strategies that can help international firms ?to thrive in emergin

11 May 2012

Effective client service requires a lot more than rebranding exercises

By Robert Sawhney, Managing Director, SR

10 May 2012

Market winners: How law firms can gain a competitive advantage in China

Rob Millard explores the key factors that determine law firm success i

02 Apr 2012

The Ukrainian legal market faces another long winter of discontent

By Timur Bondaryev, Managing Partner

21 Feb 2012

Is the hiring of senior foreign lawyers by Indian law firms a future trend?

By Shardul Shroff, Managing Partner, Amarchan

19 Jan 2012

Emerging challenges of managing law firms in the Indian sub-continent

By Shardul Shroff, Managing Partner, Amarchan

12 Dec 2011

Is Hong Kong the new New York?

By Doreen Jaeger-Soong, Managing Director, Hughes-Castel

17 Oct 2011

Law firms are struggling to choose between Hong Kong and Singapore

By Robert Sawhney, Managing Director, SR

24 Aug 2011

India’s merger control regime still leaves many questions unanswered

By Pallavi S. Shroff, Senior Partner, Amarchan

27 Jun 2011

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