Australia: legislative reform in family provision claims

Imogen de Haro reviews new changes and restrictions over family provision claims in New South Wales

11 Nov 2022

US: mortgage foreclosure litigation

Reminiscing the 2008 US housing crisis, Austin Aaronson explores whether history is about to repeat

08 Nov 2022

Withers and Tareq Hawasli collaborate to launch Middle Eastern advice service

The initiative will be known as Withers Hakawati

02 Nov 2022

Legal considerations around surrogacy

Harriet Errington and Pippa Cook explore international and domestic surrogacy and argue of the need

07 Oct 2022

Foreign investment in the US: Is there a fly in the ointment?

Dan Minutillo explores regulations around foreign investment in the US

05 Oct 2022

US: evolving constitutional standards over gender and sexual orientation

Dr. Joel W. Collins, Jr pinpoints key US constitutional changes and their implications over gender

05 Oct 2022

Lawyers on boards: transforming from legal to leaders

Jeffery Tan presents the benefits of lawyers being included on company boards

04 Oct 2022

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