Flexible working: remedy or reality

Jo Mackie considers flexible working post-covid 19

07 Mar 2023

Russia: cybercrime and co-ordinated sanctions action

Angelika Hellweger considers the issues involved in the US and UK’s sanctioning of Russian

28 Feb 2023

Exploring Australia's new assisted dying law

Kimia Zarei examines provisions in Queensland's Voluntary Assisted Dying Act and possible

14 Feb 2023

Reconciling AI and EU GDPR

Dr. Matthias Artzt explores potential conflict zones and areas of reconciliation between AI

01 Feb 2023

Brand, opportunity and trust: the best antidote for the Big Quit of 2023

Travis Schultz argues leadership, promoting growth and trust within firms are key for staff

16 Jan 2023

Capital project disputes

Michelle Metz and Paul Cacchioli analyse the impacts, causes and cures of capital project disputes.

13 Jan 2023

Brexit: doing business in Britain

Helen Wong assesses how Brexit has both positively and negatively affected overall business

14 Dec 2022

New U.S. law creates a SPAC tax: or does it?

Cameron Tousi assesses the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act’s implications for SPACs

12 Dec 2022

Navigating Singapore’s fintech and crypto regulations

Chia Ling Koh and Norvin Chan present pitfalls fintech businesses should be aware of when

08 Dec 2022

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