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Northern lights

Jenny Ramage explores the distinctive characteristics that have helped the Northern Circuit maintain its reputation as the UK’s second lega

21 Oct 2008

Trends: property

Some forward-thinking conveyancing practices are seeing the current property market downturn not as a disaster, but an opportunity. Jenny Ramag

23 Sep 2008

Managing change in difficult times

The credit crunch means that to remain profitable law firms must take some hard decisions becoming proactive rather than reactive, says Pete

18 Aug 2008

Back to basics on confiscation

Recent House of Lords’ decisions have reminded prosecutors to focus on factual evidence rather than statutory assumptions, says Davi

08 Jul 2008

Update: commercial law

Sara Partington reviews the latest developments in contract law, commercial agents, limitation clauses, cost guidance and anti-sui

08 Jul 2008

Interest: are you getting enough?

Claims for interest on late payment are straightforward and judges will not look favourably on parties who do not play by the rules, says District Judge Pa

17 Jun 2008

Inferring discrimination from a failure to reply to questionnaires

Tribunals should not automatically draw inferences that an employer’s failure to respond to a discrimination questionnaire indicates guilt. David Massarell

10 Jun 2008

There is no substitute for qualified experts

Stephen Ashcroft advises claimant lawyers to obtain financial analysis from experts to protect themselves against professional indemnit

02 Jun 2008

Clearer view emerges on the rights of light

A recent appeal court decision should lighten fears by developers that construction stands no chance if there are light obstruction issues, say Tim Foley a

27 May 2008

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