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Courts backlog: Magistrates’ given more sentencing powers

The new powers are aimed at easing pressure on the crown courts

19 Jan 2022

Government announces further £1.3m investment in family mediation voucher scheme

Investment in the scheme has tripled since its inception in March 2021

18 Jan 2022

Courts backlog

November 2021 figures have confirmed backlogs remain

13 Jan 2022

Council settles case of vendetta against pub landlord triggered by dispute over bottle of wine

The claimant was imprisoned in a category A prison over alleged food safety offences

10 Jan 2022

TUI and Irwin Mitchell confirm Tunisia terrorist attack settlement

The firm represented 83 victims of the attack 

07 Jan 2022

European Court of Human Rights dismisses ‘gay cake’ case

The ruling brings the seven-year legal battle to a close 

06 Jan 2022

Domestic abuse reporting

The time limit for reporting has been extended

05 Jan 2022

R (AB) v Secretary of State for Justice [2021]: An unwavering allegiance to Strasbourg case law?

Joe Hume explores the UKSC’s position on solitary confinement

04 Jan 2022

Fifty-year anniversary

January marked the fifty-year anniversary of the first female judge to sit in the Old Bailey

04 Jan 2022

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