Practice Management

Update: costs

Simon Gibbs considers the ongoing challenges to CFAs and whether a recent High Court judgment may offer a potentia

17 Mar 2009

The Empire strikes back

Setting an upper limit on costs in defamation cases would amount to defendants getting unjustified special privileges over claimants, says Gideo

17 Mar 2009

Last throw of the dice

The final judgment in Mubarak has resolved the debate over variation of Jersey trusts but this is not the end of the story for principle of comity, says Em

10 Mar 2009

One for all

The new generic pre-action practice direction will focus attention on compliance while reducing the need for further protocols, says DJ Rober

24 Feb 2009

‘Tis folly

Solicitors who fail to make adequate enquiries before committing themselves to undertakings or who delay in performing them, run the risk of serious legal

24 Feb 2009

Preparing for any contingency

Contingency fees have the potential to deliver proportionate costs, access to justice and new business opportunities, says Frase

24 Feb 2009

Questioning the courts

Lawyers shouldn’t be afraid of challenging court decisions where their clients’ rights are concerned, says Benjami

17 Feb 2009

West Midlands

Mid-weight firms are feeling the strain but are confident a focused and more innovative approach to client relations will get them through the downturn. Je

17 Feb 2009

Conditional discharge: a new order?

Hospital managers should tread carefully before making a conditional discharge order following the latest Mental Health Act’s Code of Practice, says Andre

10 Feb 2009

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