Practice Management

Law Society challenges SRA’s proposed changes to health and wellbeing rules

The Law Society said there was no evidence to back the proposed changes

27 May 2022

The Tech-Files

June's foreword

25 May 2022

SRA to increase maximum fine to £25,000 and introduce fixed penalties for minor breaches

Previously, the SRA could fine firms up to £2,000

24 May 2022

Half century milestone

The news in 60 seconds 

18 May 2022

Why content is still king for law firms

Andy Cullwick offers key insights into content marketing

18 May 2022

R&D tax relief: money back from modernisation

Rebecca Heap considers how firms developing legal tech may benefit from R&D tax relief

18 May 2022

Bellwether Report 2022: revenue is up but recruitment and retention remains a challenge

Almost 50 per cent of respondents said firms are insisting teams come into the office five days a week

16 May 2022

A world on-chain: can our legal infrastructure cope?

Dan Wyatt (and Harvey Briggs) consider if we’re ready for blockchain

16 May 2022

Always ‘on’? Recognising burnout

Farhan Farani reflects upon how lawyers' stress can build to breaking point

15 May 2022

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