Practice Management: Wellbeing

The Puppy Pupil: On yer feet…

“They’re... looking at ‘their’ 12 custody cases in the list (compared to my one) with seemingly unflappable assuredness. They&rsquo

06 Jun 2022

Always ‘on’? Recognising burnout

Farhan Farani reflects upon how lawyers' stress can build to breaking point

15 May 2022

LawCare online chat

The news in 60 seconds

10 May 2022

Loneliness in the law: what can I do?

Elizabeth Rimmer considers the effect of isolation on lawyers’ mental health

09 May 2022

All is not well – time for a cultural reset?

Dana Denis-Smith argues organisational culture needs to change to tackle the ongoing problems of mental ill-health, bullying and harassment

05 May 2022

Legal profession third most stressful

'It’s often how a person deals with stress, as much as the work itself, that is important' – chief scientific officer

04 Apr 2022

Defence duty: legal A&E? Q&A with Raheema Jamal

Q&A with Raheema Jamal, consultant criminal defence solicitor with London firm, Wainwright & Cummins LLP

11 Mar 2022

Going solo: Solicitors as consultants

Taylor Rose MW CEO Adrian Jaggard comments on how compliance and rising costs are driving consultancy growth in the legal profession

10 Mar 2022

Mental health: top of firms’ resolutions in 2022?

Marcin Durlak considers wellbeing resolutions that last beyond the New Year

03 Mar 2022

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