Practice Management: Wellbeing

Flexible working: remedy or reality

Jo Mackie considers flexible working post-covid 19

07 Mar 2023

How to sustain the unsustainable: handling stress

Richard Reade considers coping strategies for lawyers in times of stress

23 Feb 2023

Men’s mental health in the legal profession

Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare, considers men’s wellbeing in law

19 Feb 2023

What is love? Law, love, loss and life

Chaynee Hodgetts reflects on love in the February Foreword

07 Feb 2023

SJ Interview: Mairead Molloy

How can lawyers improve their wellbeing on – and off – the clock? Chaynee Hodgetts

01 Feb 2023

Parents in law

Matthew Kay considers practical help for working parents in the legal sector

01 Feb 2023

Major law firms join employee divorce support initiative

A survey revealed family breakdown can have a negative impact on workplace performance

25 Jan 2023

Brand, opportunity and trust: the best antidote for the Big Quit of 2023

Travis Schultz argues leadership, promoting growth and trust within firms are key for staff

16 Jan 2023

Happy New Year: happy days again?

David Pickup reflects back, considering whether 2023 will be a better year for lawyers

01 Jan 2023

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