Practice Management: Wellbeing

SJ interview: Dave Fendem

Chaynee Hodgetts talks to Dave Fendem, barrister and author of Dirty Briefs

28 Nov 2022

Lawyers and alcohol

Psychotherapist Rebecca Ward and barrister Rick Green consider the hard truths of drinking and the

28 Nov 2022

Pressure, performance and stress: a perfect storm

Rebecca Ward and Rick Green examine vicarious trauma and other reasons why lawyers are vulnerable

28 Nov 2022

Law is changing, even in Taunton

Dr. Bob Murray illustrates the changes and pressures within the legal sector

15 Nov 2022

Overhauling the office: the modern firm’s practice

Luke Nicholls considers what solicitors need when not working from home

21 Oct 2022

20 steps to better mental health for lawyers

Angus Lyon shares his top tips for daily mental health help

20 Oct 2022

Research reveals women in legal profession still face work life balance challenges

Half of women in the profession believe they are treated differently at work to men with children

19 Oct 2022

Barristers or baristas: life for junior criminal defence counsel on strike

Chaynee Hodgetts shares one story of junior criminal barristers’ uncertain future

17 Oct 2022

I know what you did last Summer

David Pickup considers the Summer holidays, solicitor style

03 Aug 2022

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