Practice Management: Technical legal practice


Just as pricing is becoming an essential part of a law firm’ strategy, so the pricing function is becoming a clearer position in many legal practices

20 Mar 2019

Property to the people: making commonhold mainstream

It’s time new rules were introduced to make commonhold a popular ownership model, says Bet

07 Mar 2019

Spotify the law: Are the OPG trying to make us redundant?

Online legal tools can be liberating and confusing in equal measure, which is why lawyers are still need, so why can’t this be acknowledged, asks Gar

06 Mar 2019

Going it alone: facing the family court without legal representation

The growing numbers of litigants in person in the family courts is having a major impact on the dispute resolution process in general and on those involved

06 Mar 2019

Why lawyers need to develop soft skills

It started with the Legal Services Act and the financial downturn. Now, with the advent of technology and changing consumer habits, lawyers are finally tak

06 Mar 2019

Counting the cash: Running a PI practice in treacherous times

In the liquidity-hungry personal injury business, having a sound approach to cashflow management is increasingly vital. Rachel Rothwell reviews how firms c

01 Mar 2019

In a spin

Anti-money laundering procedures are going under the microscope in 2019. Hannah Gannagé-Stewart looks at why no firm is exempt from needing top-notch AML c

01 Mar 2019

Cheap gatekeepers: the false economy of inexperienced triage staff

The Civil Liability Bill will prompt even more firms to consider recruiting low-level call handlers to keep costs down; that’s a risky response, warns Davi

01 Mar 2019

The limits of litigation funding

Katie Alexiou and George Williamson explain how litigation funding can help in a family law context, albeit wit

18 Feb 2019

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