Practice Management: Technical legal practice

Taking on the bullies: on what basis and in which court?

Time limits and the defendant’s solvency are just two of the key elements to consider when seeking compensation for harassment, warns Jonatha

18 Apr 2019

How pricing is turning into a specialist role

Just as pricing is becoming an essential part of a law firm’ strategy, so the pricing function is becoming a clearer position in many legal practices whate

18 Apr 2019

Funding for inquests: giving families a voice

Non means-tested legal aid funding for inquests would encourage safer practices as well as allow families to be represented, argues Alic

16 Apr 2019

No more blame game: the end of ‘unreasonable behaviour’ divorces

No-fault divorce will help reduce conflict and speed up family proceedings, says Davi

16 Apr 2019

Should you be part of a free will-writing scheme?

Before getting involved in a charity’s will scheme, make sure this is part of a focused plan on both sides, says Gar

12 Apr 2019

Technology could level the playing field

Law firms of all sizes will soon be waking up to the benefits of AI tech, writes Rache

12 Apr 2019

Getting started with AI

Artificial intelligence has burst into the legal services sector and it’s now here to stay, says Stephen Brown as he shares some practical pointers to get

03 Apr 2019

Supreme Court recommends endowing robots with ‘legal personality’

Supreme Court judge Lord Hodge has suggested giving artificial intelligence (AI) the right to own property.

20 Mar 2019


Sophisticated technology tools such as machine learning or block chain are no longer the preserve of City firms, says Robert Camp, as he shares the journey

20 Mar 2019

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