Practice Management: Technical legal practice

Imposter syndrome: choosing your witnesses wisely

Following the collapse of a case concerning a £7m carbon credit fraud this week, Mark Solon reflects on the importance of calling credible exper

31 May 2019

Capacity issues: ending the reliance on doctors?

With growing reluctance on the part of GPs to provide mental capacity assessments, is it time for private client solicitors to look for assistance from oth

23 May 2019

MoJ shines a light on child protection

The Ministry of Justice has launched a three-month inquiry into child protection in family courts after more than 120 MPs called for a review on behalf of

23 May 2019

Law on the cheap is costing the profession dear

The new market for paid McKenzie Friends is further evidence of a broken justice system, says Davi

08 May 2019

Speedboat or oil tanker: can your personal injury department survive?

With personal injury reforms unstoppably extending across the whole sector, options are getting thinner for law firms, suggests Jonatha

02 May 2019

Form with function: using a consistent ‘key features’ document

A new form designed and endorsed by property specialist bodies is already addressing concerns around leasehold and supporting a move to managed freehold, s

01 May 2019

Data protection: reading future trends

The predicted flood of GDPR-related litigation is yet to materialise but several issues are already emerging, says Rick

01 May 2019

System and order: goodbye to Principle 8?

The principle that forced firms to move away from a tick-box approach to risk management is gone from the new Standards but it will endure in the new codes

01 May 2019

Causing avoidable harm: cross-examination and the litigant in person

Family practitioners are experiencing an inconsistent approach to the cross-examination process where a litigant in person is involved, says Kar

18 Apr 2019

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