Practice Management: Technical legal practice

Game Over: death in the digital age

There are many practical issues to consider when planning for a client’s ‘digital death’, as Matthew Dunca

31 Jul 2019

Divorce after Owens: no-fault and online

Modern technology and a high-profile divorce case have triggered long-overdue changes in divorce law and process, explains Nicol

23 Jul 2019

Minding the legal access gap

Tech innovators have been challenged to make legal support more accessible through new technology but can lawtech effectively close the access to justice g

17 Jul 2019

The only way is up

Following a disappointing performance by divorce centres, Pippa Allsop assesses the potential of the online divorc

17 Jul 2019

Successful roll out of Financial Remedies Court project

Eight new Financial Remedies Court (FRC) zones are now successfully operational, Mr Justice Mostyn has confirmed – with further zones to be announced

21 Jun 2019

Laws of attraction

Nicola Laver discovers how conveyancing firms can exploit the price transparency rules to attrac

18 Jun 2019

Feet to the fire: making insurers accountable for passing on savings

Despite earlier pledges, the government is yet to set up a framework compelling insurers to turn reduced costs into lower premiums, argues Qama

18 Jun 2019

Rethinking lawtech

Jean-Yves Gilg urges lawyers to reclaim lawtech and apply its potential to the reality o

12 Jun 2019


Stephens Scown’s managing partner talks to Jean-Yves Gilg about the firm’s commitment to the southwest and developing sector expertise that has

01 Jun 2019

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