Practice Management: Risk & Compliance

Knife through the stereotypes

ARound about the time I was still doing juvenile court crime – like delinquency, a practice one hopes to grow out of – the fashion was to blame all society

17 Jun 2008

A decade on from reform

The changes to the civil procedure rules following the Woolf report were implemented ten years ago, but have they delivered the intended fairer results at

10 Jun 2008

Beneficial ownership

What constitutes detriment for the purpose of supporting a common intention constructive trust, asks Professor Mar

03 Jun 2008

There is no substitute for qualified experts

Stephen Ashcroft advises claimant lawyers to obtain financial analysis from experts to protect themselves against professional indemnit

02 Jun 2008

Civil litigation brief

Gordon Exall looks at the procedure and guidelines governing the transfer of actions from the county court to the Technology and Constructio

27 May 2008

Challenging the combat immunity principle

Claims by members of the armed services injured on active service abroad maybe more likely to succeed under human rights legislation,explains Dije

13 May 2008

Independent decisions

Expert determinations are increasingly favoured by those lawyers keen on resolving dispute away from the courts, says Joh

13 May 2008

Opinion: where next for family legal aid?

Low fees mean that family legal aid firms cannot afford to expand and there is evidence that their numbers may be shrinking faster than anyone realised, sa

13 May 2008

Business leads

The ability to generate and convert leads into business is a skill that modern firms must master, says Yur

29 Apr 2008

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