Practice Management: Risk & Compliance

Improbable golden goose

The regulation of claims farmers may have tidied up the market but web-based referral services are still mostly a waste of time and money, says Russel

09 Sep 2008

Regeneration and rehabilitation

In the spirit of joined-up thinking I have been doing some thinking that I think may join up, at least I thin

09 Sep 2008

Lambs to the slaughter

The credit crunch is expected to lead to a rise in claims against solicitors, placing added pressure on professional indemnity cover, but Rionne Preuveneer

18 Aug 2008

Sleeping is not working

Resident carers are set to reappear in catastrophic injury litigation, says Victori

12 Aug 2008

Band of brothers

Laura Empson analyses what makes partnership a unique business organisation and considers how its special qualities can survive under the Legal Service

29 Jul 2008

Communication breakdown

Keeping clients informed is not just a professional requirement, it also makes good business sense, says Andre

22 Jul 2008

Watching the watchdog

After a setback in its price-fixing case against supermarkets and a temporary victory in the bank charges, is the Office of Fair Trading really the people’

08 Jul 2008

Update: professional negligence

Spike Charlwood reviews cases on the test of dishonesty in civil proceedings, loss of a chance claims, the first case on limitation after Sephton, and clai

24 Jun 2008

An active regulator

The SRA’s tough new approach to regulation is too intrusive, says Davi

17 Jun 2008

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