Practice Management: Professional indemnity

Keeping an eye out

Tracey Calvert considers the role of effective workplace supervision in fostering accountability and minimisin

05 Jul 2017

Making the best of the boon years

Making the best of current market conditions means more than just enjoying the low premiums but also building up defences against electronic crime, writes

30 Jun 2017

Slimmed-down handbook expects solicitors to ‘act with honesty’

New principles-based approach essential to proposal to allow solicitors to work in unregulate

13 Jun 2017

Risky business?

A panel of leading experts discuss the dangers facing conveyancers and how best to minimise their impact should they strike you

07 Jun 2017

Not too small, not too big

Some predicted alternative business structures would make traditional law firms as relevant as waxworks of former celebrities in a room full of teenagers c

17 May 2017

SIF closure leaves law firms exposed to claims

Client-funded insurance scheme mooted as indemnity fun

11 Apr 2017

Life after SIF

Evidence of well-managed files will help convince insurers to provide cover after the six-year run-off period, says Cliv

11 Apr 2017

Solicitors Indemnity Fund approaches last run-off years on reduced panel

SIF expecting to deal with 200 cases before closure i

06 Apr 2017

PII renewal season approaches

A thorough record of risk incidents and good communications with a broker are key to achieving the best coverage, says Jame

14 Mar 2017

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