Professional indemnity

Small firms protected after insurer administration

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has stepped in after the collapse of Irish professional indemnity insurer CBL Insurance Europe

11 Mar 2020

Agent launches PI specifically for freelancers

Professional indemnity (PI) agent Inperio has teamed up with underwriter Accredited Insurance to launch a PI policy specifically for freelance so

12 Feb 2020

To BSB or not to be?

David Bowden explains why he has no regrets about switching regulators, though some readers may need a box of tissue

11 Sep 2019

Firms not shopping around for professional indemnity insurance

Emergence of brokers’ schemes a main driver behind law firm loyalty t

24 Jul 2017

Setting the scope of solicitors' duties

BPE Solicitors v Hughes-Holland clarifies the application of the SAAMCo principle and the distinction between advice and information cases, writes Jam

05 Jul 2017

Countering the new cyber threat

Tom Draper advises firms on the growing danger of cyber crime and what they can do to buil

05 Jul 2017