Practice Management: Managing yourself and your own work

How to charge your worth

Are you a lawyer and genuinely struggling to get paid what you’re worth? Then have no fear, as Vanessa Ugatti is here t

22 Sep 2017

How much stress can lawyers take?

Lawyers are among the most stressed professions, but there are some simple steps they can take to mitigate the damage and restore some life-saving equilibr

07 Feb 2017

Trainees must not be afraid to ask for help

Anyone who holds themselves out to be infallible is fallible for precisely that reason, writes Pipp

07 Feb 2017

Blue Monday

Angus Lyon advises lawyers on the five steps they can take to cope with the most depressing day of the year, even if it is just an urba

16 Jan 2017

Parking problems on Carey Street

The return of a long-lost memory card gets Richard Barr thinking about how firms can best protect their confidentia

15 Nov 2016

One quarter of firms not ready for new competence regime

Solicitors welcome ability to focus on relevant learning but only 75 per cent of organisation

02 Nov 2016

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