Practice Management: Legal services

Nick Jervis bangs the law firm marketing drum

I have been banging the law firm marketing drum since 2003 – trying to help solicitors to take action to secure their client base and to firm up t

19 Dec 2011

Identity parade

Can practitioners spot a client who lacks capacity? Craig Ward asks a cross-section of the industry about curren

16 Dec 2011

Ticket to ride

Law firms should consider outsourcing some functions to streamline their business models or ABS will derail them, says Jame

04 Dec 2011

Food for thought

What cuts the mustard when law firm management are looking to motivat

30 Nov 2011

Traveller's checks

The increasingly international nature of private wealth poses more challenges for practitioners, say Saleem Sheikh and Jame

23 Nov 2011

Target practice

Law firms can easily miss the mark with their online offerings, so it is worth taking a bit of time to get it spot on, says Davi

02 Nov 2011

Lost in space

A law firm’s website is one of the most effective ways of communicating with potential clients. David Coldrick shows th

24 Oct 2011

Not waving but drowning

The government’s cuts to legal aid are ill-thought out and disadavantage the most vulnerable members of society, ?says Lewi

28 Sep 2011

Paint job

David Coldrick lifts the lid on the QualitySolicitors brand and considers whether it actually does what it says on th

05 Sep 2011

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