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Covid-19 and the criminal courts: Investment is the key

Nick Titchener, director and defence solicitor at Lawtons Law, explains what's needed to get the CJS back on its feet

08 Feb 2021

Law firms are making profits but caution needed

The anticipated financial impact on UK law firms has not materialised, with most firms making a profit since first lockdown, a survey reveals

02 Feb 2021

Stamp duty rush

The Law Society has cautioned conveyancers to manage client expectations ahead of the expiry of the stamp duty holiday, which is still on track for 31 Marc

29 Jan 2021

Jury trials

Labour has called for juries to be reduced to seven to deal with the crown court case backlog, but Law Society president David Greene said: “Before w

29 Jan 2021

Nightingale courts

Two more Nightingale have begun operating, at the former Cirencester courthouse and at Stafford’s Shire Hall. This brings the total number of Nightin

29 Jan 2021

BAME consumers

Individuals from black Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities are less satisfied with the choice of legal services, experience less satisfactory serv

29 Jan 2021

Firms wanted

The SRA and other legal regulators are launching a pilot this month to trial new approaches to improve the information available to the public about lawyer

29 Jan 2021

Knights CEO windfall

David Beech, a corporate solicitor and chief executive of listed firm Knights, will receive around £61m from the sale of nearly half of his shares in

29 Jan 2021

Payment proposals for criminal lawyers 'favour prosecution'

There are warnings that plans for criminal lawyers to be paid for work done before suspects are charged could tip the scales in favour of the prosecution

27 Jan 2021

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