Practice Management: Knowledge management

Iterative improvement: Make reflective learning work for your firm

After-action reviews can drive continuous improvements in lawyer effectiveness and

27 Feb 2014

Harmony and analytics: Reshape your law firm with big data analytics

Eric Hunter discusses how predictive analytics can enable law firms ?to run more efficiently and

24 Jan 2014

Searchable spectrum: Simplifying access to internal and external knowledge

Marnix Weusten discusses how he deployed a custom, searchable portal to enable cross-divisional

19 Sep 2013

Open library: Creating a client-facing knowledge portal

Sam Everatt shares how he led the development of a client knowledge portal with input from 40

20 Aug 2013

Agile support: Make the most of the adaptive nature of KM

Knowledge functions have a key role to play in helping their ?firms to adapt to market changes,

12 Jun 2013

Is building your firm's institutional capital on your to-do list?

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr, Visiting Professor, Nottingham Law Schoo

29 May 2013

Cash in the attic: How KM can improve firm profitability

Improving the effectiveness of your firm's information and knowledge management can have a

29 May 2013

Biting the bullet: Migrating to a new client extranet platform

Jonathan Townend shares his experiences in migrating Eversheds to a new client extranet platfor

23 May 2013

What I really want from a document management system

By Neil Davison, Head of Information Technology, Farrer & C

13 May 2013

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