Knowledge management

Strategic knowledge: How KM can give clients more value

Align KM with firm strategy to create added value for clients and strengthen key relationships, suggests Harrie

Legal tribe: The science behind strong client relationships

Bob Murray and Alicia Fortinberry reveal the science behind how some law firms develop high value and durable clien

Projecting success: Get more value out of your law firm's IT investments

Stephen Brown considers why technology investments frequently fail and how to increase their success rate in your la

12 Jun 2015 | Finance

Are you measuring the impact of L&D on individuals and your firm?

By Sue Beavil, Learning & Organisational Development Manager, Slater &

10 Jun 2015 | Human Resources

Learning power: The link between reflective learning and being the best

Law firms which make continuous reflection and learning part of their culture are more successful, say Mike Mister and Ro

Cobwebs and skeletons: Cast light on your law firm's real culture

Firms that audit their cultures are best placed to recruit and retain the best legal talent, say Stephen Gould, Stephen Lucas and Russel

Designing productivity: Why law firms need activity-based office layouts

Law firms of the future will have versatile and activity-based office spaces, says Giusepp

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