Practice Management: Knowledge management

Learning interface: Creating a user-friendly learning management system

Susan Hayes and Lisa Port share their experience of launching a new learning management system

12 Dec 2011

Global jigsaw: Developing a global search solution

Head of knowledge Gerard Bredenoord and consultant Cora Newell discuss the evolution of

17 Oct 2011

Need to know: Introducing a new current awareness service

LIS manager Dean Mason shares his experiences in developing a new current awareness service a

27 Sep 2011

Reaping growth

Law firms are regularly leaking intellectual capital, say David Griffiths and Bria

27 Sep 2011

iCyborg lawyers: The future of artificial intelligence for law firms

With artificial intelligence already underway, the iCyborg lawyer is near, suggests Chrissi

27 Sep 2011

Managing screens

Partner Simon Chester of Heenan Blaikie explores the challenges of knowledge sharing and

27 Sep 2011

Re-engineering processes: Improving worklows to increase efficiencies

KM partner Duncan Ogilvy shares his experiences in re-engineering Mills & Reeve’s

24 Aug 2011

Knowledge culture: How to get lawyers to use knowledge-sharing systems

Robyna May discusses how to weave knowledge management into a firm’

27 Jun 2011

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