Diversity scorecard: influencing positive change in law firms

Dr Kate Cook considers how the centenary of some women gaining the right to vote is inspiring the next generation of la

01 Mar 2019

Star quality: keeping talented lawyers motivated — and contained

Love them or hate them, rainmakers are what makes most firms tick, but in addition to support, they need to be controlled, says Alici

01 Mar 2019

Breaking down the barriers

For most younger lawyers, it’s difficult to think about the profession as other than LGBT friendly, but that shouldn’t be taken for granted, says Pipp

26 Feb 2019

Counting the days: Designing a flexible holiday policy

Four years after the introduction of a flexible-holiday policy in his firm, Ashtons Legal managing partner Edward O’Rourke reflects on how it has benefited both staff and th

04 Feb 2019

Trauma room: dealing with the personal impact of abuse cases

Lawyers dealing with traumatic cases can be vulnerable to secondary stress, a psychological disorder that any responsible law firm should take seriously, says Jonatha

02 Feb 2019

Legal helpline calls on bullying and harassment double

Calls reporting bullying and harassment to LawCare’s helpline almost doubled last year, according to figures from the legal mental health charity thi

25 Jan 2019

Managing mental health in law firms

Making sure mental health is systematically included in the agenda at management meetings helps start the conversation that will allow you to pick up the issue before it’s too late, says Pau

24 Jan 2019

Time to legislate on mental health prevention

Turning current guidance into law may be the only way to make the legal profession tackle growing concerns over work-related stress and its effects on lawyers’ mental health, says Pipp

24 Jan 2019

Law firm culture under the microscope

Former trainee solicitor Tamara Rossi has launched an online petition demanding the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and Law Society overhaul their procedures for dealing with bullying in la

10 Jan 2019