The ethics of rebellion

Should lawyers exercise their right to protest and risk arrest or uphold the law and compromise their values? asks Emma Walker

10 Feb 2020

Rejecting the anti-role model

Dana Denis-Smith explains why women at the top must lead by example

06 Feb 2020

Rise in calls about bullying to LawCare

A disproportionate number of women contacted legal mental health charity LawCare in 2019.

22 Jan 2020

SDT questions why regulator's intervention was necessary

An experienced commercial partner who continued acting for several developers and buyer companies for months after admitting to a client there was a conflict of interests, was fined £10,000 and ordered to pay £40,000 in costs.  

20 Jan 2020

Civil discontent

The criminal and family courts have made strides in support for vulnerable parties – are the civil courts finally about to catch up? Rachel Rothwell reports

16 Jan 2020

The confessional

Lawyers need to talk about their own insecurities and support others to do the same, says Pippa Allsop

08 Jan 2020

Listen up!

Alicia Fortinberry explains how to train yourself in the art of listening

05 Dec 2019

Solicitors underserving disabled consumers

Solicitors need to work harder to improve access to their services for people with mental or physical disabilities, according to recen

16 Oct 2019

Doing what you do best

Alison Lobb explains what changed her perception of pro bono and the myriad of different ways of providin

11 Oct 2019