Practice Management: Education & Training

Lawyering with numbers

Nicola Laver reports on the growing demand for trainees with a mathematical skillset to meet the needs of modern practice

13 Oct 2020

Overcoming imposter syndrome

Learn to befriend thoughts typical of imposter syndrome, says Chetna Bhatt

13 Oct 2020

The UK race fairness commitment

A conversation around BAME research resulted in a race fairness pledge for the profession, as Segun Osuntokun explains

07 Oct 2020

Obelisk launches new paralegal service

Obelisk Support offers paralegal service for the first time

07 Oct 2020

Crossing boundaries

Andrew Francis explains how legal education is responding to inter-disciplinary professional work

15 Sep 2020

Remote mentoring

Matthew Kay looks at ways to keep junior lawyers engaged while working from home, and why it matters

09 Sep 2020

Training for competency

Tracey Calvert explains why training remains key to mitigating regulatory failings

07 Sep 2020

Remote supervision

Nicola Laver asks how firms are approaching their supervisory obligations during the pandemic

07 Sep 2020

Did Mayson overlook systemic failings?

Paul Bennett argues that Mayson failed to address whether the LSB remains tenable

20 Aug 2020

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