Practice Management: Career development

'Extremely concerning': BAME solicitors over-represented in SRA action

SRA releases data revealing an ethnicity disparity in solicitors facing regulatory investigations

14 Dec 2020

A magical Christmas

Marilyn Stowe is summoned to New York to represent a divorce client

09 Dec 2020

Black history month

Dana Denis-Smith highlights the pioneering black women lawyers who have made it to the top

01 Dec 2020

Freelance ambitions

‘Flexible working’ are buzzwords of 2020 but Tracey Calvert asks: is it a high-risk move longer term?

01 Dec 2020

Sexist attitudes continue to stifle women’s progression in leadership

A global study of law firms identified cultural attitudes about women’s role at home as a key barrier to women’s advancement in firm leade

25 Nov 2020

A working Christmas

Nicola Jones suggests how reimagining festive celebrations could be a virtual gift to clients and staff

24 Nov 2020

Equal Pay Day 2020: time for the legal profession to regroup

Equal Pay Day has never been more important for our profession, says Amandeep Khasriya

20 Nov 2020

Facing fear

Vanessa Ugatti explains how firms can take a confident approach to the financial uncertainties 

19 Nov 2020

50 years a solicitor: Lodders lawyer recognised

Michael Orlik been formally recognised for a legal career spanning 50 years and counting, demonstrating that a long life in the law can be highly satisfyin

19 Nov 2020

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