Practice Management

Trial by Skype

The pandemic will not shut down our justice system, as John McKendrick QC demonstrates

27 Mar 2020

Compliance and Covid-19

Tracey Calvert begins the conversation about whether ‘business as usual’ is possible under such unusual circumstances

26 Mar 2020

Facing down risks

Chris Marston explains how a holistic risk management strategy can ensure firms are ready to meet change

20 Mar 2020

Covid-19: compliance contingency planning

The Law Society has advised sole traders to partner up with another solicitor to protect clients in case they are unable to work due to the global Cov

20 Mar 2020

Firms begin responding to Covid-19

The coronavirus situation is fast-moving and law firms have begun to respond with drastic measures to continue effectively servicing their clients.

20 Mar 2020

Solicitors drastically under-reporting disabilities

The number of solicitors under-reporting disabilities to employers has not changed in 10 years and this is detrimental to clients and the profession,

13 Mar 2020

Small firms protected after insurer administration

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has stepped in after the collapse of Irish professional indemnity insurer CBL Insurance Europe

11 Mar 2020

Solicitor fined £1,600 over “offensive” email

A solicitor has been fined £1,600 by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) after forwarding a “highly derogatory and grossly offensive

10 Mar 2020

Lawyers should take a practical approach to coronavirus

Law firms across the country are taking a view as to where they fall on the scale of ‘business as usual with a bit of extra soap’ through

10 Mar 2020