Practice Notes

A shock to the system

Victoria Handley discusses the implications of acoustic shock: what is it, what is the legal

13 Jul 2007

Update: Taxation

Richard Bunker discusses the so-called offshore disclosure “amnesty”, private equity groups,

06 Jul 2007

Finding a place in the new legal market

The Carter reforms will not necessarily lead to the supersizing of legal aid firms, argues Penn

06 Jul 2007

It's not all fair in love and war

The House of Lords in Hello! v OK! has stretched the rules on breach of confidence to an extent yet

06 Jul 2007

Changing a guilty plea

Revitt v DPP confirms that a guilty plea is an appropriate process in English law and that the ECHR

29 Jun 2007

An independent personal service provision

A number of recent changes to the searches’ market mean that it is set to become much more

29 Jun 2007

The politics of HIPs

HIPs may be green but are they also Brown? Nigel Ewert Evans explains the importance of the new

29 Jun 2007

Holy grail or a hornets' nest?

Charities have much to gain from securing public service delivery contracts but there are also many

29 Jun 2007

Border trouble

Giving prior agreements supremacy would avoid competing claims being litigated in different EU

29 Jun 2007

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