Practice Notes

Update: local government

Christopher Baker considers the new model code of conduct for members, bias and pre-determination,

20 Jul 2007

Statute barred

Adrian Oliver considers the conflicting approach of the Law Lords when a litigant faces the

20 Jul 2007

Carry the costs

Litigants should be able to claim their own preparation costs, argues James Ros

20 Jul 2007

Simply the best

Is legal recruitment a form of Russian roulette? Geoff Wild explains how to find the bes

20 Jul 2007

Picking up the bill

Should shareholders’ interests take precedence over the polluter-pays principle? Jean-Yves Gilg

13 Jul 2007

Kent: new legal boom for the garden of England?

With mid-sized firms facing unpredented changes, is there a potential risk that clients’ needs

13 Jul 2007

Update: landlord and tenant

Milton McIntosh examines services charges, repairs, assignment, break options and busines

13 Jul 2007

Penalties on car rental agreements

Mark Pawlowski considers a recent ruling on the distinction between penalties and liquidated

13 Jul 2007

Signposting your intent to the public

Godmanchester is a clear reminder that communicating unambiguous intention is key to denying right

13 Jul 2007

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