Practice Notes

Update: wills, probate and trusts

Catherine McAleavey on appointing replacement executors and joint accounts, with Catherine Sanders

27 Jul 2007

Look before you sign on the line

If you sign cheques make sure that you limit the number of signatories . In a recent fraud

27 Jul 2007

Topping up the piggy

Unless we can predict our death, corporate pension provision remains the best option for employers

27 Jul 2007

Civil litigation brief

This month Gordon Exall takes a detailed look at the rules relating to amending parties after the

27 Jul 2007

Seeing red

Will the first case in favour of a bank stem the flow of complaints against penalty charges for

27 Jul 2007

Practice trends: charity law

As the Charities Act 2006 is gradually implemented, the voluntary sector is beginning to grapple

27 Jul 2007

Not in full agreement

Entire agreements clauses will only be effective if the wording is sufficiently clear and wide in

20 Jul 2007

Life in crime

Francis FitzGibbon explains that the IPP regime may have the opposite effect to what wa

20 Jul 2007

Compensation magic

Finally the House of Lords has addressed the question of the calculation of compensation for

20 Jul 2007

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