Practice Notes

SJ interview: Simon Natas FRSA

This issue, Chaynee Hodgetts interviews Simon Natas FRSA

01 Mar 2023

The civil justice reform train: on track near you

Tony Guise attends the latest civil justice reform event

01 Mar 2023

Relationship breakdown in the context of personal injury claims

Alice Hall and Sarah Balfour examine considerations for practitioners if a personal injury case

28 Feb 2023

Russia: cybercrime and co-ordinated sanctions action

Angelika Hellweger considers the issues involved in the US and UK’s sanctioning of Russian

28 Feb 2023

Happy Valley: a solicitors’ busman’s holiday

David Pickup considers practitioner perspectives on a popular BBC programme

28 Feb 2023

Softly, softly: negotiation in litigation

Bernhard Schmeilzl considers tactics for negotiation in litigation

27 Feb 2023

Unexplained Wealth Orders: under-used and unloved

Nicola Sharp considers UWOs and proceeds of crime

27 Feb 2023

Cohabitation chaos

Family law reforms have been rejected, leaving cohabiting couples in limbo, says Julia Cluley

26 Feb 2023

Global forced labour compliance

Adrienne Braumiller and Harold Jackson review the international position on forced labour law and

24 Feb 2023

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