Practice Area

Metoo – trumped by ethics?

Does the SRA treat sexual misconduct cases seriously enough? Jeremy Phillips QC and Esther Drabkin-Reiter consider this following the Beckwith decision

13 May 2020

House moves can resume if social distancing is observed

Conveyancing can resume from today but new guidance must be followed, the government has announced

13 May 2020

Crown copyright

Denzil Lush recalls a nifty trick for catching out fraudulent applications for powers of attorney 

13 May 2020

Before the storm

The causes of conduct that leads to regulatory action are often more informative than the conduct itself, Susanna Heley explains 

12 May 2020

A balance of convenience

Trying to enforce restrictive covenants is not always prudent, as Scott Atkins explains 

12 May 2020

PM’s announcement causes confusion for businesses

Boris Johnson's announcement that anyone who cannot work from home is actively encouraged to go back to work, has caused confusion

11 May 2020

Judicial conflict in remote hearings

A lack of parity in how family judges exercise their ‘lockdown discretion’ to allow remote court hearings is making things “difficult” 

08 May 2020

Remote hearings: well-being has ‘gone out the window’

Significant concerns around the fairness of remote family court hearings and access to technology have been identified by a snap consultation

07 May 2020

Taking the lead

The HSE’s regulatory approach to work related stress is compliance without sanction, says Rhian Greaves

06 May 2020