Practice Notes

‘What’s law got to do with it?’: Tina Turner sues tribute act

Turner's lawyers are reportedly seeking to rely on European ‘right of personality' laws

11 Nov 2021

Lloyd v Google: Google win landmark data claim

The judgment may cause many third-party litigation funders to 'rethink strategy for representative data protection litigation'

10 Nov 2021

Legal aid denial

Victims of domestic abuse are suffering 

10 Nov 2021

Loughborough super courtroom

A second super courtroom has opened in Loughborough

09 Nov 2021

Vexatious family fines

The Justice Secretary wants to encourage mediation for divorcing couples

09 Nov 2021

Taxing matters: Living and investing in Portugal

Nuno Nogueira Pinto assesses the legal and tax benefits of acquiring residence in Portugal and the country’s Golden Visa

08 Nov 2021

Litigation costs: Getting more for less

Mark Fletcher discusses the implications of reforming litigation costs

08 Nov 2021

Narcissism and Family Law: What dispute resolution practitioners should know

Karin Walker discusses how family law practitioners can approach and mediate a relationship with a narcissist.

08 Nov 2021

News special: MPs’ lobbying law

News special written by guest writer, barrister M. A. Muid Khan, on the resignation of Owen Paterson MP

08 Nov 2021

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