Practice Notes

The jury’s out: have UK law firms kept pace with the evolution of 21st century workplaces?

Neil McLeod discusses the opportunity for legal sectors to create the workplace of the future

22 Mar 2023

Reforms to digital asset laws needed to tackle legal minefield

Matthew Huggett assesses the Law Commission’s recommended reforms

22 Mar 2023

Access to abortion in the UK: the laws being used to criminalise abortion

Anthony Metzer KC and Dr Charlotte Proudman argue for the decriminalisation of abortion

22 Mar 2023

Achieving true gender equity and parity in the legal profession

Kaajal Nathwani details the current state of play in the sector

22 Mar 2023

Cohabitation reform: a bumpy road to nowhere?

Tony Roe provides an overview of the steps taken towards cohabitation reform

22 Mar 2023

The deprivation of asset rules and the challenges we encounter

Fiona Ashworth shares her thoughts on the entitlement problem

22 Mar 2023

The Building Safety Act: a conveyancer’s nightmare

Hayley Bruce highlights the headaches being caused by the new protections for leaseholders  

22 Mar 2023

How old is our wills law?! Time for change!

Jo Summers shares her thoughts on the areas of wills legislation most ripe for reform

22 Mar 2023

The four-day working week: gamechanger or just a game?

Edward Arnold considers whether the four-day working week could be a success in the legal industry

22 Mar 2023

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