Practice Notes

Under cover

Broker Nick Pointon explains which professional indemnity insurers cater for each type of la

25 Aug 2006

Disclosing medical records

Charles Foster discusses the patient's right to b

25 Aug 2006

No alternative?

The principles laid down in Myatt and Garrett will lead to another round in the costs war, says Bret

25 Aug 2006

Practical pre-nups

As pre-nuptial agreements are predicted to gain popularity, Iain Harris offers practical guidance on ensuring thei

25 Aug 2006

Child support in danger

Family lawyers should act now to prevent another CSA policy disaster about to blight future generations of separating families, warns Jame

25 Aug 2006

Second thoughts

The House of Lords’ decision in Celtec has important practical implications for secondment arrangements. Dr John McMulle

25 Aug 2006

Madonna complex

By reversing the Court of Appeal's judgment in Re G (children), the Lords have marginalised the weaker parent, says Elizabet

25 Aug 2006

North-east: few lawyers but still growing

The North-east may have fewer lawyers than other regions, but, as Andrew Towler reports, the work is still floodin

18 Aug 2006

Illegal cohabitants

A recent ruling could herald a radical change to the assessment of dependency claims by foreign nationals overstaying in Britain. Philip Nobl

18 Aug 2006

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