Practice Notes

Come fly with me?

After British Airways cancelled thousands of flights in January, Katherine Deal considers

02 Mar 2007

New legal aid contracts: welcome to the sausage factory?

Legal aid lawyers warned today that the new Standard Terms for the new Unified Contracts released

28 Feb 2007

Practice trends: housing law

Homelessness, vulnerability and ASBOs: Jean-Yves Gilg reports on the issues shaping housin

23 Feb 2007

EU health

Jane Bennett reports on provision of healthcare for persons from accessio

23 Feb 2007

Civil litigation brief

Gordon Exall continues his examination of the new Part 36 rules, which come into force in Apri

23 Feb 2007

Spending rights

The Consumer Credit Act 2006 saw a major overhaul of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 through

23 Feb 2007

Update: housing

Jim Shepherd and Dominic Preston examine possession, discrimination and homelessnes

23 Feb 2007

Drunken crimes

Glenn Carrasco looks at the ‘liberalisation’ of the drinking laws and its relate

23 Feb 2007

Too cold?

Freezing assets: Nick Curling and Sara Partington explain the procedural requirements for

23 Feb 2007

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