Practice Notes

DEBATE Carter: how will it affect your practice?

Lawyers from across the whole spectrum of the profession examine the ramifications of Lord Carter’

21 Jul 2006

Courting publicity

Government plans to boost confidence in family courts rely on more resources and the questionable premise that the press is interested in ordinary cases, J

21 Jul 2006

Due diligence and Historic Buildings

Local authorities are sharpening their strategy to prosecute property owners for breach of planning regulations, including subsequent purchasers, warns Ste

21 Jul 2006

Restrictive covenants

Review partnership law and ditch Bridge v Deacons, says Danie

21 Jul 2006

Coroner Service Reform

The draft Coroners Bill aims to make the coroner service more efficient. Andrew Alonzi explain

21 Jul 2006

Landlord & tenant update (2)

Disrepair :: Forfeiture :: Break clause :: Landlord & Tenant Act (Covenants) Act 1995 :: Business tenancies by Norman Joss and Nic

21 Jul 2006

Family case briefing

The court in K v K has adopted a welcome, modern approach to the impact of cohabitation on a husband’s liability to maintain his ex-wife, says Jan

14 Jul 2006

Experts at risk

Richard Barr reflects on the impact of the MMR and Meado

14 Jul 2006

At your request

English courts take care over ‘letters of request’ for potential witnesses by foreign courts. Paul Friedman and Helen Rowlands discuss Daric Smith v Philli

14 Jul 2006

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