Practice Notes

Update: planning

Gregory Jones discusses outline planning permission and EIA, enforcement actions, town and village greens, planning consent & bias, identity of land owner

29 Sep 2006

Asking too much?

Inundated by vexatious FOIA requests? Marcus Turle unveils a strategy for publi

29 Sep 2006

Phoney tales?

Mark Conway and Julia Purcell ask whether the recent 'pony tail' case of DPP v Smith helps with the definition of ‘actual bodil

29 Sep 2006

Accommodating minors

Two important Court of Appeal decisions have shed light on the way in which local authorities should deal with homeless 16 and 17-year-olds. Jim Shepher

29 Sep 2006

Ongoing care

There's more to determining responsibility for paying for ongoing care than avoiding double cost recovery. Jackie Lineha

29 Sep 2006

Hard work?

New hiring methods and unconventional career paths have changed recruitment. Andrew Towler reports on a thrivin

22 Sep 2006

Immigration update

Jane Coker discusses Immigration Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 , intra-EEA immigration, deportation, marriage and civil partnership, domestic violence, v

22 Sep 2006

IHT conundrum

Inheritance tax is less and less an isolated matter and should be considered as one element of a bigger tax planning picture, says Pete

22 Sep 2006

Cheap talk?

Claimants should take the duty to negotiate under the 41st update to the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 very seriously or risk a hefty cost bill. Peter Lindsay

22 Sep 2006

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