Practice Notes

Cash for children

As the proportion of children born of unmarried parents rises, Tony Roe explores how their financial interests can b

23 Jun 2006

Ice range

Worldwide freezing orders: Linsey Macdonald reports on the ne

23 Jun 2006

Be prepared

Law firms need to get into training to tackle the changes facing the profession. Andrew Towle

23 Jun 2006

Share alike

After Miller, it is increasingly critical to get share valuation right, says Anne-Mari

09 Jun 2006

Diggers at dawn

Construction is a great industry for creating disputes, says Davi

02 Jun 2006

HiP pain

Lawyers still aren’t getting to grip with HiPs. Andrew Towle

02 Jun 2006

Close examination

Home inspectors are crucial to the new HIPs process, but will there be enough of them, asks Andre

02 Jun 2006

Phone masts

They are essential for mobile technology, but raise health concerns. Jan Willem van den Bos reports on telephone masts and plannin

02 Jun 2006

Planning gains

Michael Gallimore highlights how the government's proposed Planning Gain Supplement will impact on lan

02 Jun 2006

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